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A History of Circle Oaks
For many decades, going back to the time before California statehood,  the area east of Napa City consisted mainly of cattle ranches.  What was once a wagon road from Napa to the town of Monticello was called the Monticello Road.  A house now located near the entrance to Circle Oaks was once a roadhouse along this route.  The road is now also known as California rural route 121. 
In 1958 the Monticello Dam was completed and the entire Berryessa Valley - including the town of Monticello was abandoned, and the resulting Berryessa Lake was formed.  The reservoir provides water South to Solano County.  The Lake is approximately 20,000 acres and is 15.5 miles long.  It is the largest lake in Napa County and provides extensive recreational opportunities to the area.  The old Monticello Road became a route to the Lake for Napa County vacationers in the 1960's.
The area where Circle Oaks is now located was once the Munson Ranch, which was  approximately 2800 acres. The presence of the new lake gave real estate speculators the idea to purchase the Munson Ranch and to develop a holiday/vacation community along the Monticello Road.  The speculators were called "Crescent Park Realty Company", of Palo Alto, California.
In February, 1961 Cresent Park sent a letter (read the letter) to Napa County to begin the process of development.   Unfortunately, the airstrip, shopping center, golf course and schoolhouse dropped by the wayside and the developers settled on 339 lots for homes on 215 acres.  The remaining 2500 acres were sold off for ranching to a private owner, it was sold again in 2005 and is now known as Walt Ranch.
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